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Welcome to the website of Sally Potter, Lansing, MI singer, songleader, producer, teacher and community cheerleader.

 "It Is Time" Video

"It Is Time" 
Written and Performed by Sally Potter, 2020

"Three years ago, on a Friday afternoon at the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing, I made little up and down dashes on a napkin, sketching out a tune involving 'lies', 'fear' and 'hate'.  A few weeks ago, as the COVID-19 catastrophe was unfolding, I wrote the third and fourth lines to the verses, and added the tag. Last week, Dylan Rogers and I stayed eight feet apart as he recorded the song at his and Jeana-Dee Allen's Robin Theatre. Since then, videographer and Lansing Community College film instructor, Bonnie Sumbler has put together this montage to go with "It Is Time." Please sing along and then share this video with your friends. You are not alone. It is time."

-  Sally Potter, April, 2020

Recorded by Dylan Rogers at The Robin Theatre, Lansing, MI. Video by Bonnie Sumbler of Bonstervideo, Lansing, MI

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