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Sally Potter - 2022 Solo Release

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Summer's Child

Summer’s Child will take you on a trip through the heart of America with timeless lyrics and brilliant new songs that promise to become tomorrow’s classics.

The first solo CD by Sally Potter, award-winning singer, song leader and music producer, this collection pays tribute to small towns and those drifting days of childhood, slowly passing that call us home. Kerrin Hoban’s tight, expressive lyrics, set to Potter’s steady, clawhammer banjo tunes, paint a picture of a time when children ran in the streets and through the woods with carefree abandon. Hoban and Potter’s High in the Hills is a joyful celebration of playful rhymes that celebrate the natural world—the woods filled with deer, squirrels, blackbirds, mockingbirds, bobcats, coyotes, which harmonize on the trail they’ve found.

These two originals are flanked by strong, emotional selections, Somebody Feels the Water (Thom Bishop), May the Light of Love (David Roth), and Carolyn’s Party (Ann Reed), all of which highlight the warmth experienced when we take time to make authentic connection with others.

Folk music royalty is represented by Woody’s Guthrie’s Union Maid and This Land is Your Land, and Pete Seeger’s To My Old Brown Earth. A union member, Potter continues the union theme with an a cappella rendition of Earl Robinson’s Joe Hill.

Potter’s strong, clear vocals, backed by her effortless clawhammer banjo, support three final selections: Roseville Fair (Bill Staines), The Old Church Bell (Monroe Gevedon), and Eight More Miles to Louisville (Grandpa Jones). 

Summer’s Child is a rare mix of twelve songs that are easy to listen to and sing along with. The recording comes with a 24-page booklet, including song lyrics, stories and stunning photographs of life in rural America, including Potter’s hometown of Morrison, Illinois.


I. The Old Church Bell
Monroe Gevedon

2. Eight More Miles to Louisville
Grandpa Jones

3. Summer’s Child
Kerrin Hoban / Sally Potter

4. Joe Hill
Alfred Hayes / Earl Robinson

5. Union Maid
Woody Guthrie

6. Carolyn’s Party
Ann Reed

7. Roseville Fair
Bill Staines

8. To My Old Brown Earth
Pete Seeger

9. This Land iS Your Land
Woody Guthrie

10. High in the Hills
Kerrin Hoban / Sally Potter

11. Somebody Feels the Water
Thom Bishop

12. May the Light of Love
David Roth

Vocals and Banjo

Hammered Dulcimer


Co-Owner of The Robin
Theatre, Lansing, MI
Recording Engineer

Owner, Pleasantly
Progressive Design
Layout and Design

Copy Editor

Owner, Goldenrod Music
Technical Support

Jan Abbott
Barbara Crow
Lisa Ottens Goodenough
Beth Kelly
Dylan Rogers
Sally Potter

"It Is Time" Song and Video

"It Is Time" 
Written and Performed by Sally Potter, 2020

"Three years ago, on a Friday afternoon at the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing, I made little up and down dashes on a napkin, sketching out a tune involving 'lies', 'fear' and 'hate'.  A few weeks ago, as the COVID-19 catastrophe was unfolding, I wrote the third and fourth lines to the verses, and added the tag. Last week, Dylan Rogers and I stayed eight feet apart as he recorded the song at his and Jeana-Dee Allen's Robin Theatre. Since then, videographer and Lansing Community College film instructor, Bonnie Sumbler has put together this montage to go with "It Is Time." Please sing along and then share this video with your friends. You are not alone. It is time."

-  Sally Potter, April, 2020

Recorded by Dylan Rogers at The Robin Theatre, Lansing, MI. Video by Bonnie Sumbler of Bonstervideo, Lansing, MI


Pat Madden and Sally Potter

it's about time

Sally and her long-time musical friend Pat Madden collaborated with engineer/ producer Gary Reid on “it’s about time.” Each singer chose six songs she has always wanted to record. Then they asked pianist Ron Newman, bassist Ed Fedewa, multi-instrumentalist Joel Mabus, Second Opinion singing buddy Betsy Clinton, and soprano Barb Michelutti to join them in the studio. The result is a CD packed with full sounds on classic songs, including Moon River, Roseville Fair, and Forever Young.

Tracks: (click to listen)
•Roseville Fair
•When Fall Comes To New England
•Forever Young
•Your Daughters And Your Sons
•Finlandia (This Is My Song)
•Somebody Feels The Water
Moon River
•Paxton Medley
The Old Church Bell
•I Am Willing
I Knew This Place
Old Man Time

Pat Madden: guitar and vocals
Sally Potter: banjo and vocals
Ed Fedewa: bass Ron Newman: piano and conductor
Joel Mabus: guitar and mandolin
Betsy Clinton, Barb Michelutti: additional vocals
David Armstrong, Rachel Keathley: violin
Katie Williams: viola
Carrie Rosin: cello
Gary Galloway: orchestration
Package Design: Fran Russell, Group 230
Photography: Kat Petersen, cover & booklet; Ruelaine Stokes, back
Produced and Engineered by Gary Reid
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